My Astrophotography

Astrophotography is really fun. I always desired to capture the starry sky in my camera in the times of my visual astronomy sessions. I began photographing the sky with my Panasonic point and shoot digital camera (DMC FS-15). The Panasonic camera had an option for taking long exposure shots. I took some shots of the night sky using this camera during Messier Marathon. Here are some shots taken with this camera!

My interest in astrophotography grew after that and I purchased my first Canon dslr camera. This camera improved my photography than my previous camera and eventually I developed interest in Deep Sky Photography. I then purchased an Equatorial mount with Right Ascension Motor and also bought the Sky Watcher 102/500 refractor OTA for deep sky photography.

Some of my latest astrophotos...

Below is the link of my Flickr Album


Kartik Panchotia said...

Hi, Rahulbhai,

I m Kartik from Morbi. I am interested in starting astrophotography. Though I have been using DSLR since 10 yrs I haven't taken photos of sky objects. At school I use 8" DOBSONIAN for my students. We have spotted Saturn, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Hearts / Soul Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy and several clusters.

I have also build a barn-door trap for rotating the camera.

Please help me from where to start.

Also white Raan is good for gazing milky way.

Rahul Zota said...

Hello Kartikbhai, you can start astrophotography by shooting nightscapes, i.e, shooting the stars, the milky way or star trails with your dslr. You will need a good tripod for that and a shutter release cable. There are thousands of videos on Youtube which will help you to learn more about shooting star trails. All the best :)

sandeep said...

Need help for barefoot tracker can u give me kartik Bhai's email or whats app no.