January 28, 2014

Polar Star Trails @ Dhordo White Desert

Hi all, after a long time I got chance to shoot star trails from a very dark site Dhordo White Desert of Kutch Gujarat. Along with Mr. Narendra Gor got lucky to be there when there was no Moon in the sky and the sky was really superb. There was no light except some far lights of the tent city in the southern direction. The northern sky was pitch dark with the Cassiopeia Milky Way setting in the North-West after mid-night.

 Me and Mr. Narendra Gor managed to take 160 RAWs, each at 30 sec exposure at f/3.5 with my Canon EOS 550D and a 18-55mm Kit Lens. The trails were created using Star Stax and each RAW file processed in Adobe Lightroom before stacking! 

-Rahul Zota
 Bhuj, India

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