May 22, 2013


The planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury putting a good show in the evening western sky. They'll appear closest together in a tight little triangle, 2° on a side, next Sunday the 26th. Below are the pictures generated from Starry Night showing the planet’s position in the sky. 

May 24th 2013

May 25th 2013

May 26th 2013

May 28th 2013

Wishing you all a clear sky...!
Rahul Zota

May 10, 2013

Omega Centauri (NGC 5139)

A swarming of about 10 million stars, located some 16000 light years from earth. The dark sky is required to glimpse the cluster with the eye alone, but a telescope reveals a glorious cluster of densely packed suns!

For this image I used my Canon DSLR + Skywatcher 4" refractor + EQ5 Single Motor near Bhuj, India.

30 Jpeg x 45 seconds @ ISO 800
10 Darks
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and Processed in Photoshop CS5

May 1, 2013

Saturn @ Opposition

The ringed planet shone at magnitude +0.7 and its angular size was around 19" providing a better view through telescopes. Yesterday night before taking the video of Saturn I made observation using my 10-inch Dobsonian Telescope and I could easily see its Five bright Moons.

For this image, I shot a video using my Canon EOS 550D @ Crop Video Mode attached to the 10-inch, f/4.7 Dobsonian Telescope. I then stacked the video in Registax 6 and post processed in Photoshop CS5.