December 17, 2012

Geminids 2012 Observing Report!

the only meteor I could capture!

We observed the Geminids during December 11-12 and December 12-13 and this time the meteor shower left a mark in my life as this was the most fertile shower I have ever witnessed! This time two amateurs Ambarish Gawande and Vivek Wadekar from Pune and Mumbai respectively joined us who were visiting Kutch (in fact Gujarat!) for the first time and were very eager to observe and photograph meteor shower from one of the darkest places in India. 

The first day we went to Dhosa-Mahadev, our regular stargazing spot near Bhuj and spent most of the time in photographing the meteors. Though we spotted more than 80 meteors during the session. Other friends from Bhuj also joined us and brought my 10-inch Dobsonian telescope. 

Star trails in the northern sky

Eastern star trails

The south-west

Cameras on their target!

The next day, four of us went to Vekariya Rann, exactly where the Tropic of Cancer passes through. It rained that afternoon but the sky became clear around 8 pm. From there we had the most clear sky for the Geminids! We had 6 cameras covering different directions of the sky. Our president Mr. Narendra Gor counted more than 500 meteors overall the session! The average was 2-3 meteors per minute and I must say we missed most of them. Most were faint and the camera didn't record most of them. However I was lucky to capture one along with Orion and its surrounding during the first day session. 


Keerthi said...

Nice photos buddy...


Rahul Zota said...

Thanks Keerthi :)