December 12, 2011


We took part in the Rann Utsav 2011 on December 10. The event took place at the Kala Dungar and Dhorado Village. This year we had great fun at the white salty desert of Kutch because the Total Lunar Eclipse took place on the same day. We showed the coppery moon to the tourist who came from all around the world! Here I am sharing few photos of the event. Hope you will like.

Local lady watching flamingoes through the binos

enjoying Total Lunar Eclipse

that means, "you're passing through 23.5 North Latitude

The group of Painted Storks

Flying Painted Storks

The India Bridge
A passing International Flight

Kala Dungar (The Black Hill)

The Greater Rann (Mixed with sea water)

The group of Flamingoes (We counted 200 flamingoes through the binoculars)

CM of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi is watching flamingoes through my 25x100s

The white salty desert of Kutch shortly after sunset

Lunar Eclipse through 55-250mm lens

Lunar Eclipse in wider field

Lunar Eclipse in wider field

The totality in wider field 

White salty desert and stars!