May 7, 2011


The members of Kutch Amateur Astronomers’ Club planned to observe the recurrent nova T-Pyxids on the evening of 3rd May. The Nova occurred on 14th April and was detected by Mike Linnolt. I read the news from the Sky and Telescope website. I then informed Mr. Narendra Gor and told him to watch the Nova and inform the other club members about it. The charts were available from the AAVSO website.  

Firstly we organized a star party on 1st May south of the Bhuj city. On that day I tried to spot the Nova but couldn’t succeed due to some minor problem in my 25x100 Binos. Our club’s 6-inch Newtonian was pointed toward Saturn so I couldn’t use it for my purpose. I tried to spot the Nova through my 10x50s but wasn’t sure whether I had seen it or not! The location of T-Pyxids was very low at that time, so I gave up.

On 3rd May we again decided to watch the Nova. I went to Mr. Narendra Gor’s home carrying my 10x50 Olympus Binoculars. From his terrace we tried to spot the Nova through our club’s 6-inch Newtonian. Other club members, Nishant Gor, Chandni Gor, Kartik Pomal and Amit Hedau were present and very much excited to view the Nova! It is located at RA 9h 04m 41.5 DEC -32.22’ 47.4”.

I started from Alpha Pyxidis and moved the scope to the E-NE direction. After using Starry Night Pro software I got its location. It was paired with a 7.8th magnitude star. The Nova T-Pyxidis was shining at around magnitudes 7 or 7.5 compared to its nearby star. This was the second Nova observation in my life! 


Blog FunkyForLife said...

Hi! I can see that you deeply understand what you are telling about over here. Do you own a special education that is linked with the theme of your post? Can't wait to see your answer.

Rahul Zota said...

Hi, I don't have any degree in astronomy.. this is my hobby and I am an amateur astronomer :)