March 21, 2011


The event to observe the Super Moon organized by the Kutch Amateur Astronomer’s Club at Vijayraj Ji Library, near Harmirsar Lake, the heart of Bhuj city. We published news of this event in the local news papers to inform the people about the venue. The people were already aware by this event as it was highly spreading via news channels!
The time of the Moon rise was 6:48pm. We first put our telescope at the venue and then went back to our club office’s terrace to photograph the rising moon. Firstly we decided to find some special place around the city for photography because the hill at the east was coming between. We had no idea from where the moon will rise exactly. We thought that either it will rise behind the hill or from the edges of the hill. If it rises from the back of the hill then we will see it 10 minutes late than its normal rising time. The time was very less so we decided to stay on the terrace. Also the sky was very hazy so we glimpsed the moon at 7:10pm. It was rising just left of the hill! After waiting for few minutes it appeared very beautiful. It was appearing slightly larger than normal. I took dozens of snaps at this time.

(the moon, just rising behind the hills)

We went back to our venue at 7:30pm. I went back to my home to bring the moon filter. After coming back we settled up my 8-inch Newtonian equipped with a 25mm eyepiece and a moon filter. The starting time of an event was 8pm but even during this time many people had arrived. Now this was the time to show them the moon. Peoples had too many questions about the causes of the Super Moon. Mr. Narendra Gor fulfilled their questions. This event was only to enjoy the view rather than getting scared! Over 300 peoples accumulated at the venue and enjoyed the view of the Super Moon!We removed all the superstitions by explaining astronomical facts! We could feel the Moon brighter than normal full moons. Also I could observe that in my 25mm Kellner eyepiece, the moon appeared slightly bigger than normal. It was exactly fitting in the entire field of view of the eyepiece this time. During normal full moons, while observing with the same set up I can see some part of the sky in the edge.

(here are some people enjoying the view of the moon)

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