September 13, 2010


We enjoyed the phenomena of venus-moon close pairing on the eve of 11th sept from my home's terrace. I used my 25x100 binocs to see the event. A very thin crescent moon was just a degree away from venus. the whole day was rainy and was mini cyclone in my city bhuj that destroyed about 300 trees!!! I couldn't expect to see the event but at the time of sunset the sky became almost clear and we could see moon and venus playing hide and seek with clouds! I captured few snaps through my digicam. I watched this nice event with Gunjan Doshi, Ashwing Vaghela, Karan Zota and Kashyap Thakker.


urmi said...

Hi Rahul

wonderful Snaps....looks like the sky got clear even after the days heavy rain and cyclone only for you to see the wonderful pair and all of us who missed to have a privilege to see the wonderful event.

Narendra Gor said...

Very nice snap

Go on ahead

As I was at Rajkot Not Able to see

Rahul Zota said...

Narendrabhai, We missed you so much during the event! ANyway thanks both Urmi and Narendrabhai for comments.

parimal said...

Beautiful set of pictures. I too tried to get some pics from Pune (as it was cloudy here as well) (

Rahul Zota said...

Hi Parimal, I saw the snaps of moon and venus taken by you in your picasa album. Nice snaps! Thanks for sharing :)