January 16, 2010


To watch the Annular Solar Eclipse we organized a program at Indirabai Girl’s Highschool. I stayed in the school with Gunjan Doshi, Archan Soni, Harish and Ashwin Vaghela. About 800 students saw the eclipse by projection and sun viewing goggles. Also our club members including Mr. Narendra Gor went to Rameshwaram in South India to watch the eclipse. Few of our members stayed in nearby cities of Bhuj to show the eclipse to peoples and students. Throughout Kutch District we showed the eclipse to about 4500 students. Through my telescope using a filter I saw two sunspots. We also tried to measure earth's radius in this program.
-Rahul Zota

January 1, 2010


I celebrated the New Year with observing the Partial Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse began at 10:55pm on the night of 31st. The earth's shadow falling on the Lunar Limb was visible only through a telescope but at 12:00am when the New Year began the slightly dark shadow was easily visible through naked eye. I tried to capture it through a digital camera. This was my first attempt of a-focal astrophotography. I used a dense grey filter to decrease intensity.