August 13, 2009

Perseids Meteor Shower observing report

We observed the Perseid Meteor Shower with some disturbance of clouds and moonlight. We were again at Dhosa Village 12km from Bhuj. Our another member Ashwin Vaghela stayed in Madhapar the suburb of Bhuj.
At 11:30pm I saw the first Perseid Meteor. It was bright at mag -1.5 toward south west and left a trail of about 15 degrees. Then I counted more 3 before 12:30 but then clouds covered the whole sky. I again rose at 3:30am and saw more 2 meteors. The last one was once agin very bright at mag -1 toward north west.

Ashwin Vaghela at Madhapar saw 14 meteors before dawn.

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