July 24, 2009


To watch the Total Solar Eclipse 2009, I travelled to Surat with our KAAC-club members. Surat was the best place for the eclipse.We got there one day before total eclipse and attended the whole day workshop. The whole day was rainy and we didn't expect to see the eclipse successfully.

On the next morning when I rose before dawn, I stepped out of my room to check the weather. It was complete cloudy and still raining.I thought we wouldn't be able to see the eclipse! At 5:30am at dawn on 22nd, some thousands of people accumulated on the terrace of"Atmiya Vidhya Mandir" in Kamrej village where the main event was organized. The sky was completely covered by dense clouds and there was light rain.Then the Sun was about to rise and the first contact was already in progress. At 6:19 everyone felt that the darknesswas gradually increasing. Then after a minute there was complete darkness at 6:20am. Although we did not see the eclipse as the Sun was hidden behind clouds but weenjoyed the thorough event what nature offered!

Just before the totality, I saw a bird called "black painted strock" emerged from the farm and wandered around. But as the time of totality approached and the darkness spreaded, the bird quickly went back and hidden behind the farms. That behaviour of bird I observed and enjoyed the moment instead of seeing the Sun!!

Rahul Zota (Bhuj-India)

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