April 1, 2009

Observing Hickson 44

Hickson 44 is a cluster of four gravitationally bound galaxies situated about 1.5 deg S-SE of Zeta Leonis.
The group contains 4 galaxies known as NGC 3193 (11.8), NGC 3190 (12.00), NGC 3187 (13.6) and
NGC 3185 (12.9). NGC 3193 is brightest and can be seen through an 8-inch telescope. To see
other members requires at least 12-inch telescope.

The group lies about 65-70 Million light years from the Sun in GA Leo Cloud. Suppose you are standing in some
planet of NGC 3193 then NGC 3190 would appear as bright as Andromeda galaxy appears from Earth!
NGC 3185 would be 7th magnitude..!

The group can be well observed using 12-inch or larger telescope under excellent dark skies far
from city. Use high magnification to reveal more details.

- Rahul Zota (BHUJ)

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