December 3, 2008


It was cloudy since last two days. I was little bit upset because I thought I would miss the wonderful conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and Moon. But fortunately clouds showed mercy and the blue sky started to appear at west just before sunset. When I come out from my home after and looked at west just after sunset, I saw awesome scene ! It was really wonderful. It reminded me of a smily face. Venus and Jupiter were eyes and a crescent moon was like smiling lips ! At that time I had my mobile phone which featured 3.2-megapixel camera. I quickly took dozens of shots.

October 25, 2008

My observing report of comet C/2008 A1 (McNaught)

Hi friends ! Yesterday at gradually darkening evening (24 Oct) at 7:30pm I made a plan to observe comet C/2008 A1 (McNaught) which is near Zeta Ophiuchi. Its about 8th mag. I tracked its location using my software starrynight pro. 6. Although it was low in the south-west and just below the sky was hazy horizonand increased light pollution of Jubilee Circle which is very busy street of mycity. When I set my telescope to its location I faced some difficulty to see it with direct vision, hence I saw 8th magnitude fuzzy blob with averted vision. I spent few minutes and the view became better at 52x. After that I also wanted to see comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin) but by that time it was lost in the light pollution ! I will manage to catch it in few days !